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After Being Ridiculed, Trump Says He Was Only Joking

Just moments into President Trump’s speech in front of the United Nations yesterday, he began lying. “In less than two years,” the amateur American president lied, “my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.” The bragging was plainly false.

The problem for Trump is that everybody in the room knew that his claim was absurd, and a few of them began laughing, catching the egotistical president off-guard, and leaving Donald Trump in a position that he’s long hoped to stay out of: being the target of international ridicule.

While the president got ready to leave the U.N., he talked briefly with reporters, and one asked how the reaction to his remarks made him feel. This was his dishonest response:

“Oh, it was great. Well that was meant to get some laughter, but it was great.”

Sure, Trump was attempting to be funny by repeating the same ridiculous boast he often tells sycophantic supporters during campaign rallies. When the American president responded to the international diplomats’ laughter yesterday by noting, “Didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s OK,” we are now supposed to think he did expect that embarrassing reaction since he “meant to get some laughter.”

After getting international ridicule, Trump was reduced to lying, “I meant to do that.”

That’s a tough line to take seriously, made much worse because it was not the only part of the terrible president’s remarks that got some laughter.

The Washington Post also highlighted another line which left some diplomats laughing.

Later in the speech, Trump made another overzealous claim: that Germany is becoming “totally dependent” upon Russian energy – which is similar to claims he made at a NATO summit a few months back.

The German delegation’s response: more laughter.

The fact that world leaders laughed is kind of funny and frivolous. But it is worth emphasizing the sensitive diplomatic setting in which this occurred. There are cameras in the room that are recording all of this. They caught the German delegation laughing at Trump. The leaders have to know such reactions could be recorded or observed – and possibly even used against them by Trump. They did it anyway.

When he was a presidential candidate, Donald Trump said to Americans, “The world is laughing at us.” Back then it wasn’t true, but it’s painfully true now, all thanks to Donald Trump.

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