Trump Thought the Kavanaugh Scandal Was Bad. Ivanka Just Made It Worse. -
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Trump Thought the Kavanaugh Scandal Was Bad. Ivanka Just Made It Worse.

No matter how things are going in the Trump regime, Ivanka Trump will always try to make herself look like a decent person, which she is not. She has a delusion that if she says the right things in public every once in a while, then mainstream America will come to respect her. And since the Brett Kavanaugh nomination is falling apart, Ivanka positioning herself. But she just made everything even worse for her evil father.

Ivanka Trump has urged President Trump to “cut bait” and fully withdraw the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, a new Vanity Fair report says. Over the past year we have seen a lot of info go from Ivanka and Jared Kushner directly to Vanity Fair, and we’re left with no doubt that Ivanka Trump herself (or someone very close to her) said these things to Vanity Fair. Ivanka is trying to convince the American public that she is on the right side of history. So why does this matter?

Well unfortunately, Ivanka has no real influence over Donald Trump in these matters. She’s won’t directly convince him to take back the nomination. But since it’s now known publicly that even President Trump’s own daughter thinks that rapist Kavanaugh ought to be withdrawn, it will turn the public discussion even more sharply against the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

So even though Donald Trump is already losing his chance to Brett Kavanaugh on the U.S. Supreme Court, Ivanka just made it harder for him. And anyway, Kavanaugh has just a short window of time to withdraw from consideration before taking a serious risk of ending up in prison. That window just got smaller.

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