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Political Stunt Just Backfired on Donald Trump

Earlier this evening Donald Trump chose to essentially fire off every single thing he had remaining in his pile of dumb distractions, when he ordered declassification for the FISA surveillance warrant which was used against Carter Page, along with text messages that were exchanged by various people working on investigating the Trump-Russia treason scandal. There’s probably nothing of substance in these released documents, and it’s just the only desperate move that Donald Trump had left. But the stunt has already become a disaster.

So, the Justice Department and FBI aren’t even sure what to do with President Trump’s order, and Politico reports, “they think it’s possible that the White House is just doing it on its own and could release this material as early as Monday night.” Wait a minute, what? So not only is Idiot Trump planning to just dump a bunch of highly classified information into public view, this uncontrolled garbage dump could happen tonight. It gets even stranger.

The recent anonymous New York Times opinion piece and the bombshell Bob Woodward book have shown that Donald Trump’s handlers often end up ignoring his most dangerous and deranged orders, either hoping that Trump forgets that he gave the order at all, or possibly allowing him to believe the order was carried out. Meaning there’s no guarantee the White House will release these documents. Should the documents be dumped out publicly though, Trump is looking at another obstruction of justice charge for trying to interfere with an investigation into his own crimes.

So will Trump’s White House release these classified and totally unredacted documents? That’s anyone’s guess. But if these documents had anything that could get Trump out of trouble, he’d have released them already. This is a stunt is designed to distract the mainstream media for a couple of days, and nothing more.

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