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GOP Looking at Major New Changes to Social Security

As the midterm elections draw near, a variety of GOP leaders, cognizant of the broad public support for key social-insurance programs such as Medicare and Social Security, have claimed that Republicans are the real champions of these programs – reality and memory be damned.

Donald Trump even argued two weeks ago, without making sense or supporting his arguments, “We’re saving Social Security; the Democrats will destroy Social Security. We’re saving Medicare; the Democrats want to destroy Medicare.” The very stupid president has pushed the exact same message at some recent Trump campaign rallies.

As election-season slogans go, the idea that the Republicans will support both Medicare and Social Security and Democrats won’t is cynical and ridiculous. But while the lying president and some other Republicans publicly vow to protect these foundations of modern American life, many other Republicans are disagreeing with the party’s message and signaling intentions to cut those programs, which will cause suffering and hardship for millions.

Yesterday, Larry Kudlow, the director for the National Economic Council in Trump White House’s, spoke for the Economic Club in New York, and had this enlightening exchange with Becky Quick of CNBC:

QUICK: Will the Trump administration tackle entitlement reform?

KUDLOW: Well, we’ve already tackled a big part of the newest entitlement, namely Obamacare. As far as the larger entitlements, I think everybody’s going to look at that probably next year. I don’t want to be specific, I don’t want to get ahead of our own budgeting, but we’ll get there.

CNBC reported that Kudlow said the White House is very determined to cut federal spending, and that “part of the Republican plan to curb spending is tackling entitlements.”

Kudlow’s intentions to go after the major social-insurance benefits “probably next year” is very significant. It means that if Americans leave Republicans with their Congressional power, they’re going to screw up our country and hurt people even more.

Earlier in the summer, the House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Steve Stivers, the National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman, both expressed support for hurting entitlement programs to deal with the massive deficits that Republicans created via tax breaks for the rich. So, like always, the Republicans are stealing from the poor to give to the rich, and see nothing wrong with this because they are amoral.

We keep watching top GOP officials admit they want to cut important programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Perhaps the public should believe them, and vote accordingly.

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