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Donald Trump’s Desperate Move to Clear Himself

With the walls now closing in on Donald Trump from all directions , he is trying another desperate stunt to distract everyone. Yesterday, he ordered declassification for the FISA surveillance warrant on Carter Page, his former campaign adviser, as well as all of the text messages between both FBI and DOJ officials regarding the Trump-Russia treason investigation. So what exactly does this mean? Nothing.

We’ve seen Trump repeatedly dip into the Carter Page FISA well, but each time he brings up nothing. His dumb memo stunt with Devin Nunes got a few days of the media’s attention, before they all figured out it was a stupid joke, and it backfired heavily on him. We’ve also seen President Trump desperately work to scandalize former FBI agent Peter Strzok as well as current DOJ official Bruce Ohr, who both have helped expose Trump’s crimes involving Russia. Trump caused professional injury to both of those honorable men, but that hasn’t helped him to impede the Trump-Russia treason investigation at all.

So now that Donald Trump has one foot planted in the White House while the other foot is in a prison cell, he is firing off everything he can on these two topics, but it really amounts to nothing. The mainstream media, especially CNN and MSNBC, will certainly give this non-story several days of unwarranted hype. They are already doing so. However, once these declassified documents are examined and everyone realizes they don’t actually add up to anything, Trump’s pointless actions will recognized as such.

In the meantime, if yo happen to be a cable news watcher, today’s pointless segments about the declassification are an excellent opportunity for you to go number 2 and read a book. There’s nothing here. If all these documents were going to save Donald Trump’s ugly hide and magically defeat Robert Mueller, he would have released them a very long time ago. This is just a sinking ship desperately firing off whatever pebbles remain in the cannon.

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