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GOP Ignoring Massive Issue with Midterm Elections Just 1 Month Away

Late last year, while the Republicans’ regressive tax scam bill was poised to pass Congress, Senate Majority Leader and terrible turtle Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) looked forward to the 2018 midterms with major confidence. “If we can’t sell this to the American people, we ought to go into another line of work,” the turtle said boldly.

Nine months later, Republican officials haven’t just failed to sell their tax cuts to voters, they have also given up on trying. The HuffPost recently published an interesting report examining the Republicans’ campaign messaging with statistics:

[T]he funny thing about the tax cut bill is Republicans are hardly talking about it.

According to data compiled by Kantar Media/CMAG for HuffPost, just under 12 percent of all GOP TV ads have mentioned the new tax bill so far this year. That’s out of 396,607 TV spots that have aired this year – a total of 1,039 individual ads. The supposed centerpiece of the GOP’s agenda is merely a footnote.

There is no great mystery about why Republicans have been downplaying their own success: the American people have never liked tax breaks for the rich, and they still don’t.

A recent poll from NBC News/Wall Street Journal found that the plurality of Americans is significantly less likely to vote for any corporate puppet candidate who supports the greed-driven Republican tax plan. For the voters in highly competitive House districts, the opposition is even stronger.

So there’s an exceedingly awkward dynamic: Republican lawmakers in Congress have just one major accomplishment, and now most of them refuse to talk about it because the voters don’t like that they’ve been betrayed in order to appease the ultra-wealthy.

The Republicans also can’t talk much about their evil plans for next Congress – destroying health care benefits is very high on Republicans’ to-ruin list – because the voters opposes those plans, too.

So, after nearly two years of failed attempts at governing, with their own party controlling all levers of the federal government, the GOP message is still just “The poor shouldn’t be helped in any way and immigrants are scary.”

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