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Nightmare Becomes Reality for Fox News’ Sean Hannity

Fox News host and despicable liar Sean Hannity just had a terrible day, and not only because his pal President Trump just took a heavy blow. Paul Manafort’s big cooperation plea deal with Mueller will expose what was really happening between Manafort and Sean Hannity during the election. There is good reason for Hannity to be freaking out.

Last year Sean Hannity revealed while on-air that even once Paul Manafort had been kicked from the Trump campaign, he’d continued to speak in private with Manafort for the rest of the election cycle. Sean Hannity then revealed that he had talked with Manafort a week prior to election day. We’ve since found out that there was a FISA warrant for surveillance on Manafort at that time. When Manafort was arrested, Hannity seemed panicky as heck during his show. Perhaps Hannity was worried he might’ve been picked up on the Manafort wiretap. Now Robert Mueller has something even better.

Paul Manafort’s plea deal means that he’s required to completely cooperate with every single matter of interest for the federal government. If Manafort and Hannity were just discussing election prospects or chatting about the weather, then Horrible Hannity has nothing at all to worry about. But if that really is the case, why was he such a wreck regarding the prospect of Manafort going to jail? Whatever Hannity and Manafort were talking about secretly about during the last few days of the election, Robert Mueller is about to learn all about it. And there’s more.

Donald Trump’s longtime fixer Michael Cohen said in court earlier in the year that Sean Hannity was previously his legal client. Cohen made a plea deal last month. Although Cohen’s plea deal did not specifically include any requirement involving cooperation, Vanity Fair reported this afternoon that Michael Cohen has been working with Mueller. That means Mueller knows all about what was really happening between Hannity and Cohen. Sean Hannity’s worst nightmare is finally coming true.

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