After This New FBI Inquiry, Will Brett Kavanaugh Head to Prison? -
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After This New FBI Inquiry, Will Brett Kavanaugh Head to Prison?

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein recently referred Kavanaugh to the FBI in order to criminally investigate him, based on an sexual assault he committed long ago. And yes, this changes absolutely everything when it comes to Brett Kavanaugh’s prospects of being confirmed to the Supreme Court, which would be a disaster, but one that seems more preventable every day.

The story here is complex, and it’s unfolding. Feinstein is confirming that she got a letter from a woman, and that she then referred the letter directly to the FBI. In turn, New York Times is now reporting that this is regarding a sexual assault accusation from back when Kavanaugh and the victim were in high school. The biggest question, politically speaking, is how all this impacts the ongoing confirmation process.

Let’s say that you are Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski or any other Senate Republican who could end up losing reelection if they vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. You were under intense public pressure already to vote “no” since he doesn’t believe that a woman has the right to both abortion and birth control, and because he keeps committing perjury, and because he has a huge gambling problem, and because he is a corrupt lackey of President Trump. Take all that, and then throw in that Kavanaugh is now under FBI investigation for a sexual assault. Suddenly, it becomes extremely dangerous for some Republicans to vote for him – and they all know it.

We suspect Dianne Feinstein and other Senate Democrats are giving Kavanaugh a brief opportunity to simply walk away from the Supreme Court nomination, before they destroy him publicly. Will he take it? Will Collins and Murkowski say that they cannot vote for this guy since he’s under federal investigation for rape? If Kavanaugh and the amoral Republicans do decide to go forward, you can bet that the Democrats will use Senate hearings to bludgeon Brett Kavanaugh with this evil truth about him until vulnerable Senate Republicans must give up on him.

Brett Kavanaugh is definitely dirty as hell – and he has not been particularly skilled or even careful about covering his tracks. Based on how comfortable he is committing perjury, along with the shady nature of his many leaked emails, the questions about his massive personal debt, and all the other evidence which has been publicly available, it was clear long ago that Brett Kavanaugh was going to be in deep trouble soon enough… and now he is. Forget about him being on the Supreme Court, now he’ll be lucky if he stays out of prison.

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