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Senate Democrats Just Exposed Kavanaugh’s Secret Problem

Donald Trump’s terrible Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a hot mess. He has been caught committing multiple counts of felony perjury in his confirmation hearings. He has been exposed as having hate-filled and extremist anti-woman views. Kavanaugh was clearly only nominated because of his radically unconstitutional beliefs regarding a sitting president being completely protected from investigation, no matter how many felonies he commits. Now it turns out that Kavanaugh seems to have another big problem.

It has already been exposed that Kavanaugh built up $200,000 in personal debt which then mysteriously disappeared; his lame excuse about buying some baseball tickets for friends is absurd. Last week the Democrats exposed emails which showed that Kavanaugh apologized once to his buddies after “growing aggressive after blowing still another game of dice.” When there’s a guy admitting that he cannot control his emotions involving gambling, and he has got appearing-and-vanishing debt in the hundreds of thousands, it’s a big enough red flag to keep them from getting a job working for Walmart, let alone the U.S. Supreme Court.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, just submitted this tough question for evil bigot Brett Kavanaugh: “Have you ever sought treatment for a gambling addiction?” That was reported by the Huffington Post recently. To be clear, Democrats would not do this, as in use a question so accusatory, unless they’ve got something up their sleeve to back it up, or else it might backfire.

What Senator Whitehouse and Democrats may be sitting on regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s gambling problem is unknown. But we are about to find out. Democrats have been exposing Brett Kavanaugh’s various lies and his scandals in stages, in order to maximize each one’s impact. Things are going to get very ugly for Kavanaugh – which helps explain why the Senate Republicans were hoping that Donald Trump would pick somebody else.

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