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Trump’s Latest Approval Ratings Disastrous

Donald Trump still insists that his abysmal approval rating numbers are decent by quoting the illegitimate and low-quality Rasmussen poll – while the numbers from more respectable and scientific polling outlets are telling a much different story. Over the last two weeks we have seen Paul Manafort convicted for eight felonies, Michael Cohen naming Donald Trump an unindicted co-conspirator, as well as numerous accusations from Donald Trump’s own staffers that he is mentally incompetent and deranged. These developments have had a major downward impact on President Trump’s approval rating in all the latest polls.

There are two big things to remember when looking at polls. First, you should look at the average of the current major polls, and which direction each poll is going towards, as opposed to looking at any one poll in a vacuum. Second, modern presidential approval ratings usually exist within the range of 30 to 60 percent; you rarely see a president go above or below that. So it’s fair to consider 30% as being like 0, and 60% as being like 100. So what are Donald Trump’s new numbers?

The recent CNN poll says that Trump’s approval rating is 37%. That’s a huge drop of seven points since August. Quinnipiac now puts Trump at 38%, three points down from August. Gallup has Donald Trump at 41%, down a point from August. The Economist puts Trump at 43%, which is down three points. Reuters puts Trump at 42%, also down three points since last month. Emerson has President Trump at 38%, which is down five points since July, the last time that it was conducted.

That is an average drop of about 4.5 points over the last month. Again, that is within a de facto 30 point range, so 4.5 points really is a massive drop. It means that Donald Trump has started losing a large number of supporters, despite the myth that he could do anything wrong and still keep his brainwashed fanatics. Trump will never go to zero, but remember that Richard Nixon kept an approval rating between 20-30% when he was being ousted, and his remaining supporters could not help him at all.

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