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Mike Pence Just Made a Huge Blunder

Donald Trump is obsessed with finding out which senior member(s) in his administration wrote that infamous and anonymous op-ed for the New York Times, and for some very plausible reasons, many people out there suspect Mike Pence was involved. That’s prompted Mike Pence to go out and publicly defend Donald Trump, to convince Trump that he was not in on it. But Pence blew it.

On Fox News on Sunday, Mike Pence said the following, and he tweeted it as well later on: “I spend about four hours a day with @POTUS when we’re both in Washington, D.C., every day – and what I see is a tough leader, a demanding leader, someone who gets all the options on the table, but he makes the decisions. And that’s why we’ve made the progress we’ve made.” But Pence is lying and I can prove it.

Earlier in 2018 Axios famously published Trump’s internal schedule, showing that Donald Trump spends the morning alone in his residence, watching cable news or working on his stupid tweets. Then he goes downstairs for a meeting which lasts from 11:00am to noon, before going back to the residence for an hour and a half, followed by meetings and then more downtime, before typically going  back to the residence the last time in the late afternoon.

Trump does not even spend four hours each day in the political wing in the White House. So unless Pence is sitting with Donald Trump watching some cable news in his White House bedroom, Pence got caught telling a ridiculous lie. Why would Mike Pence even bother to say such a weirdly specific lie about the time he spends with President Trump? Pence just shifted focus back to the reality that Trump doesn’t spend even four hours a day on “president” stuff. Pence brazenly blew it – the only wonder is whether he did it on purpose.

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