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Donald Trump’s Serious Misunderstanding About the Supreme Court

There are two reasons that Donald Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. One is that Kavanaugh is a right-wing extremist who will please Donald Trump’s brainwashed base. The second is that Brett Kavanaugh has stated his incorrect belief that a sitting president ought not be bothered with things such as criminal investigations. The problem for Trump is that, for at least one of these instances, he’s unable to count to five.

Yes, Kavanaugh would give the U.S. Supreme Court five evil votes against abortion rights and birth control rights, or anything else you can think of. That kind of anti-female stance is, of course, unacceptable and un-American. Kavanaugh must not be confirmed. But as for Kavanaugh being able to protect Trump from his criminal scandals, the voting math looks different.

Trump assumes that having five conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court, means that he will win any ruling involving if he can be indicted, if he can pardon himself along with his family, and so forth. But although Chief Justice John Roberts leans conservative on all ideological issues, he doesn’t necessarily lean Republican for every partisan issue. For instance, John Roberts famously saved ObamaCare, despite personally opposing it, because with his legal interpretation, it was still constitutional.

How John Roberts will vote in a case involving presidential indictment or the pardon of a co-conspirator is unknown. But there’s no reason to expect that Roberts would side with Donald Trump just for partisan reasons. If Donald Trump is counting on John Roberts, he’s doing his math wrong. And Supreme Court still cannot interfere with an impeachment process if Congress chooses to go that route. Kavanaugh’s confirmation would bring the destruction of women’s rights, however it wouldn’t necessarily help Donald Trump out or even keep him out of prison.

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