Trump Reportedly Insults Top Cabinet Member...Then Scrambles for Cover -
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Trump Reportedly Insults Top Cabinet Member…Then Scrambles for Cover

In a tweet Tuesday night, Donald Trump denied allegations in the reporter Bob Woodward’s upcoming book that he said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is “mentally retarded” as well as a “dumb Southerner.”

“The already discredited Woodward book, so many lies and phony sources, has me calling Jeff Sessions ‘mentally retarded’ and ‘a dumb southerner,'” Idiot Trump lied. “I said NEITHER, never used those terms on anyone, including Jeff, and being a southerner is a GREAT thing. He made this up to divide!”


The lying president’s tweet came hours after the excerpts from the former Watergate reporter’s book called “Fear: Trump in the White House,” got released to the public.

One of the numerous explosive allegations in the book’s preview was a conversation that Donald Trump had with his White House aide where the president called Sessions “mentally retarded” as well as a “dumb Southerner”  and mocked the Sessions’ Southern accent.

“He couldn’t even be a one-person country lawyer down in Alabama,” Donald Trump also said.

The lying president had already gone on Twitter earlier to lie that Woodward’s reporting is fraudulent and falsely claim that it’s “a con on the public.”

Trump’s tweet also comes during heightened tensions between the incompetent White House and the U.S. Justice Department. Trump has often lashed out at his AG for his noble and correct decision to recuse himself from anything involving the investigation into Russian election rigging. Trump noticeably increased the attacks on Labor Day, criticizing Sessions for the “well publicized” charges on two of his earliest Republican supporters, as though supporting the president should make someone immune from prosecution.

The latest attack against Sessions drew heavy criticism from the Democrats and members in the legal community, and some suggested that it is an “impeachable offense.”

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