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He Won’t Tell You, But Americans are Suffering from Trump’s Big Failure

Leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump is campaigning in many battleground states with a new lying slogan: Promises Made, Promises Kept.” 

However Trump’s message is not ringing true with the working-class voters such as Renee Elliott, a Democrat who unfortunately cast her ballot for Donald Trump in 2016.  Elliott – who recently lost her job in the Carrier plant of Indianapolis after Donald Trump promised to prevent it from being outsourced Mexico – believes Trump’s slogan should be the exact opposite – “Promises made, none of them kept.”

Trump claimed he would punish corporate offshorers, but a new research report by Good Jobs Nation – Broken Promises #2 – proves that Trump is actually using the presidency to incentivize big corporations to ship the good jobs overseas at record rates.

The study reveals that the incompetent Trump administration has given more than $50 billion of new federal contracts to big companies that keep shuttering U.S. factories as they hire cheaper labor abroad. In fact, the annual offshoring by U.S. taxpayer-funded corporations under Donald Trump is on pace to be three times larger than under the previous two administrations.

Overall, over 133,000 Americans have gotten pink slips since Donald Trump took office.

President Trump can stop giving taxpayer dollars to the companies that are outsourcing jobs.  However, although he’s signed over 100 executive orders, he hasn’t signed a single one which delivers on his dishonest promise to “create more jobs” via stopping offshoring.

For the working-class voters who were tricked by Trump, his inaction is complete political hypocrisy.

Take Randall Troyer from Elkhart, Indiana, who gullibly voted for Trump because Trump said he would keep the companies like his employer, which is CTS Corp, from moving his job overseas. Unfortunately, in just a few weeks, CTS is closing down its plant in Elkhart and sending Randall Troyer’s job, along with many others, to Mexico. And Trump has done absolutely nothing, even though CTS was recently awarded a large federal contract.

“I voted for Donald Trump because he promised to save jobs.  But my plant is moving to Mexico and he hasn’t stopped it,” said Troyer. “I’m 62 and worried about retirement.  Who’s going to hire me at this age?”

It’s very clear that working-class voters are not buying Trump’s stupid “Promises Kept” slogan. Now the Democrats must declare that they are ready to pick up the slack where Donald Trump has failed to deliver.

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