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Trump Remains the Focus of Indignation at High Profile Event

When Aretha Franklin died earlier this month, President  Trump attempted to take credit for her success by insisting that Franklin “worked for me on numerous occasions.” That was quickly proven to be a lie, but Trump never admitted that he’d made the entire thing up. Aretha’s funeral happened yesterday, and let’s just say it didn’t go well for Trump.

President Bill Clinton gave a speech at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, but he kept his remarks completely non-political. It was a very different story, however, for other speakers. Michael Eric Dyson called Donald Trump a “lugubrious leech” during his brilliant remarks, and cleverly said, “You dopey doppelganger of deceit and deviance, she ain’t work for you, she worked above you. She worked beyond you.”

Dyson also said “President Clinton and her husband, Bill,” a reference to Hillary Clinton being the legitimate winner of the election that Donald Trump and Russia illegally rigged against her. Al Sharpton tore into Donald Trump during his comments at the service. Of course, Idiot Trump has had troubles with all kinds of funerals lately.

Prior to his death, John McCain asked former President Obama and former President George W. Bush to give the eulogies for his funeral in Washington, and also made it clear that Donald Trump wasn’t invited. Former Vice President Joe Biden was invited to speak at John McCain’s service in Arizona as well. This comes after Donald Trump was embarrassingly not invited to attend the British royal wedding. It is very clear that nobody wants Trump anywhere near them on their most important days.

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