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Funds from the Kremlin Helped Bankroll Trump Event

One of the main questions in the massive Trump-Russia treason scandal is how Russia went about buying off President Trump and turning him into an obedient puppet. There’s a trail of financial evidence from the Kremlin to the Bank of Cyprus to the Deutsche Bank to Donald Trump, but it isn’t clear how much progress Mueller has made with proving that all the “loans” in question were really bribes. However, we finally have confirmation that Russia was pouring money into Donald Trump’s pocket long after the election.

Trump’s inauguration fundraising was corrupt. The ceremony had very few attendees and not many performers, yet an exorbitant sum of money was raised for it. Over a year ago, it got exposed that a lot of those donations were from fake people as well as fake companies located at fake addresses, a few of which were just vacant lots. A lot of the money raised got paid to the friends of the Trump family, and much of it was never accounted for. Now we are getting some answers regarding where that sketchy money came from.

Today, Samuel Patten, a Kremlin-connected associate of Paul Manafort pleaded guilty to, along with other things, secretly putting $50,000 into the Trump inauguration committee so Kremlin representatives would be able to attend the event. That is a drop in the bucket next to overall amount of sketchy money that poured into the inauguration committee. But it’s a good start, and it offers a roadmap for tracking where all the rest of that crooked money came from.

The important thing here is that although the Samuel Patten case was handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington DC, it was Mueller who started the case, and now NBC News is reporting that Samuel Patten has made his plea deal with Mueller. This means that Patten can reveal who it was within Team Trump that knew this donation was Kremlin money, and Patten can also point Mueller towards uncovering which other Russians were routing money to Donald Trump through his inauguration committee.

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