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Melania Takes a Shot Across Donald’s Bow

Aretha Franklin’s funeral became one big Trump-bashing session, caused at least in part by the lies that Trump told about Franklin shortly after she died. Trump wasn’t invited, but Bill and Hillary Clinton were there, and Bill Clinton spoke. And it turns out Melania has something to say about this as well.

She didn’t say it directly. But a “source close” to Melania told Hollywood Life about how Melania felt. This kind of thing doesn’t happen unless the celebrity in question wants their friend going to the media, to put certain words and feelings out there publicly. So these words coming from the friend may be attributed directly to Melania.

Melania Trump feels “humiliated and embarrassed by the multiple Donald insults at the Aretha funeral” and she “feels horrible that Donald is not welcome or invited to Aretha’s funeral as well as McCain’s funeral,” says the Hollywood Life article. It’s clear that Melania is putting this out there to publicly kick Donald while he’s down, and trying to humanize herself at the same time.

So now we have got Melania taking a shot at her awful husband Donald Trump via a thinly veiled media source, when he’s already against the ropes. Donald wasn’t invited to Barbara Bush’s funeral either. He wasn’t invited to the Royal Wedding. Trump was dissed repeatedly at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. And he’s been banned from attending John McCain’s funeral, even while former President Barack Obama as well as former President George W. Bush were invited to deliver the eulogy.

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