Trump Campaign Worker Gets Caught Suppressing Freedom of the Press -
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Trump Campaign Worker Gets Caught Suppressing Freedom of the Press

The evil, totalitarian nature of Donald Trump’s reelection campaign was exposed Thursday night when a rally worker was photographed blocking a photographer from filming a demonstrator.

During the pro-fascist president’s rally held in Indiana, where Donald Trump continued his deranged and anti-American attacks against the news media, a volunteer member of the crappy president’s advance team is seen blocking the camera lens of a photographer.

The AP’s chief Washington photographer, Evan Vucci, posted a photo of the disturbing incident on Instagram, saying that the photographer was attempting to take a picture of a protestor against the rally.

The president’s crappy campaign ominously refused to explain themselves to The Hill.

The anti-American incident occurred on Thursday night as the deranged and hate-filled egomaniac president railed against news media during a rally which was supporting the Indiana Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun.

During that rally, Trump dishonestly attacked CNN and NBC, referring to the latter as “worse than CNN.”

The evil deranged dictator-like president also attacked a New York Times reporter for his coverage of past crowd sizes for Trump events, lying that the reporter “doesn’t have a clue”, even though his reports were perfectly accurate.

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