Bitter Trump Just Found Out How His Show Will Be Cancelled -
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Bitter Trump Just Found Out How His Show Will Be Cancelled

You’d have to ask Trump himself what clicked in his small brain. Something, perhaps a bombshell news story which hasn’t yet surfaced, or his lawyers finally hammering it into his very deluded brain, prompted Donald Trump to realize this morning that he’s sealed his own fate already. It sent him off the deep end.

Donald Trump finally realized that he directly confessed to obstruction of justice, a felony, when he said to NBC’s Lester Holt in an interview last year that he chose to fire FBI Director James Comey because he wanted to make the Russia investigation end. He’s also realized that the televised confession will lead to his downfall. Trump is now pushing the claim that the fateful interview didn’t really take place – or that his confession was somehow faked.

During a torrent of lying attacks on CNN, MSNBC and many other news outlets, Donald Trump tweeted this regarding NBC News: “When Lester Holt got caught fudging my tape on Russia, they were hurt badly!” Not only is Trump falsely accusing NBC of having dishonestly edited the interview tape, he’s also lying that this was publicly exposed awhile ago, and the resulting controversy badly hurt NBC. Obviously, none of this happened. NBC posted the whole non-condensed interview online right after the condensed version played on television, and Donald Trump’s confession is very clear.

At this point Trump is either attempting to convince us that an entire controversy happened last year which never happened, or he is so far gone in terms if sanity, he has convinced himself that it really happened. Either way, Trump has realized that the Holt interview will be Exhibit A during his impeachment. He is now going to the absurd extremes to discredit his own stupid confession before it gets used against him.

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