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Family Just Brought Out the Worst in Donald Trump

President Trump is in the middle of one of his most insane meltdowns to date, which says something, considering how far over the edge his previous meltdowns were. Thus far today he has randomly (and untruthfully) accused NBC’s Lester Holt of fudging the infamous interview that they did over a year ago. He is also newly obsessed with his own illegal firing of ex-FBI Director James Comey. However, the strangest part of his stupid ranting today was when he went berserk over Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump announced randomly that the White House Counsel Don McGahn is departing soon. It wasn’t hard to parse that Donald Trump was running Don McGahn out of the White House after having learning through the media that he has been selling Trump out to Special Counsel Mueller for the past 10 months. Then came the word that it was actually Ivanka and Jared who pushed President Trump into making the illegal move.

Trump didn’t take kindly to this accurate reporting, posting this weird tweet: “Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner had NOTHING to do with the so called “pushing out” of Don McGahn.The Fake News Media has it, purposely,so wrong! They love to portray chaos in the White House when they know that chaos doesn’t exist-just a “smooth running machine” with changing parts!” That tweet is so absurd that I had to check to make sure it didn’t come from from a Donald Trump parody account.

We aren’t quite sure what to think about this. Donald Trump insists on getting the sole credit for these foolish and petty moves that are rapidly tearing apart what’s left of his disastrous presidency. He’s going crazy in public because somebody dared to say he listened to advice from his own daughter and his son-in-law. This is creepy, even for him.

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