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Robert Mueller’s Ace in the Hole

Last night we found out that Paul Manafort sought a plea deal recently from Special Counsel Mueller, so that deal might be coming soon. This comes not long after Michael Cohen made a plea deal which did not officially include cooperation against President Trump, but obviously unofficially did, due to Cohen’s willingness to name Donald Trump as his unindicted co-conspirator. There were also multiple immunity deals last week. Robert Mueller is faced with great riches – so many witnesses though, that his most valuable cooperating witness might be forgotten.

It’s not Rick Gates, although his testimony in the Manafort trial was an important reminder that he is still an asset to Mueller. And it certainly isn’t George Papadopoulos, who shall be sentenced early in September. No, Robert Mueller’s forgotten man is Michael Flynn. Flynn cut his plea deal late in 2017, and it’s fallen from the radar. That’s partially because the evidence and testimony that he gave up hasn’t yet come into play publicly.

But we know that Michael Flynn is still valuable to Mueller, because when he was supposed to be sentenced last week, Mueller pushed it back again. This indicates that whatever criminal cases Robert Mueller is currently constructing against the biggest Trump-Russia fish, Michael Flynn is still in an active role. The main thing to remember here: of all of Donald Trump’s people who have made plea deals against him, Michael Flynn is the only one of them who worked with Donald Trump in the White House.

Even as we see Cohen and Manafort become cooperating witnesses, remember that Robert Mueller already has several aces up his sleeve. The longer we go before we hear anything publicly from Flynn, the more it will suggest that he’s a crucial part of the criminal case against President Trump.

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