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What GOP Senate Candidate Rick Scott was Hiding Has Just Been Revealed

Current Florida Governor Rick Scott easily won his primary challenge for the US Senate on Tuesday. As Governor, Rick Scott had many scandals, so of course Donald Trump is a very vocal supporter. Following the school shooting in Parkland, people remembered that Scott had let $20 million in mental healthcare funding run out, while resolutely refusing to pass any common sense gun laws while even signing a bill which made it illegal for good-hearted doctors to ask their patients if they guns or access to them. Prior to becoming a terrible governor, Scott was known as “the ultimate Medicare thief” in the Democratic Party of Florida when Columbia/HCA, the company Rick Scott was CEO of, was fined $1.7 billion for their disgusting and amoral Medicare fraud.

On Monday, a Miami Herald report discussed a new scandal. Rick Scott was hiding large amounts of money in the Cayman Islands tax haven. After he earned $2.9 million from 24 hedge funds last year, it came out that he and his wife currently have between 25 and 62 million dollars worth of investments that are registered in the Cayman Islands. Along with this finding, Rick Scott refuses to even say whether he’ll even use a blind trust if he (God forbid) wins the Senate seat. All this took place while Donald Trump and the Republicans dishonestly promoted their horrible tax scam bill as a means of bringing offshore money back into America.

Scott’s disgusting hypocrisy isn’t limited to personal assets or his healthcare policies. During his two-faced campaign for Senate, Rick Scott released campaign ads in English and Spanish. Florida is a state with a population that’s almost a quarter Hispanic and Latino, so it’s a typical practice, but Scott’s campaign ads differed by much more than just the language. While his terrible English messages praised Donald Trump’s evil actions and policies, his advertisements in Spanish were usually anti-Trump and even talked about “reforma migratoria,” that would give the undocumented immigrants some legal status and promising to allow a major increase of legal migrants going forward, something the sociopath Rick Scott likely has no intention of doing.

While more of the Republicans in close House races start to call out Donald Trump, it will be very interesting to see if Rick Scott’s future campaign ads go further against President Trump leading up to the general election in November.

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