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Sarah Huckabee Just Had a Disastrous Showing

Despite being the lying White House Press Secretary as well as Donald Trump’s primary delusional spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t have anything to say yesterday about the devastating developments in Trump’s horrible criminal scandals. But today Sanders decided to take questions from journalists – and while she did take the questions, she did not answer them. No, the whole thing was one farcical moment after the other, as she seemed to not want to even be there, doing her evil job.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders even tried to make the insane argument that Trump hasn’t done anything illegal because he has not been charged with anything, ignoring the perverse reality that his own corrupt DOJ holds the totalitarian position that a president can’t be charged, not even if he is guilty. Of course, there is no reason that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller must abide by that inaccurate position, and Mueller could easily ask the US Supreme Court to let him indict and charge Donald Trump.

Then one reporter pointed out that Donald Trump is on a tape insisting that he never paid off his mistresses during the election, and then he’s on another tape where he’s admitting that he actually did pay her off. That reporter wanted to know whether this means that Donald Trump lied to the American public. Sarah Huckabee Sanders illogically decided that that was a “ridiculous accusation”, even though the only logical answer was yes. That’s not even a question you need to ask. If a person makes two contradicting statements about what they did, one of those statements must be a lie.

Philip Crowther of France 24 summed it up best when he posted the following tweet: “Impression from inside the White House briefing room: Sarah Sanders really didn’t want to be here today, and looked pretty fed up. Just an impression from the fifth row.” We’re left to wonder just how much longer Sanders will keep showing up for her  job. After all, her terrible boss will be in prison soon.

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