Crashing Headache Has Just Emerged for Ivanka Trump -
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Crashing Headache Has Just Emerged for Ivanka Trump

The events of yesterday sent shockwaves through President Trump’s orbit, prompting many of his most insane tweets yet, and immediately showing that certain people have a huge problem on their hands. Michael Cohen knows something incriminating about Donald Trump Jr’s treasonous Russia meeting, and the recent conviction of Paul Manafort will help with taking down Roger Stone. However, there’s a name that nobody is talking about, although they definitely should: Ivanka Trump.

Cohen did much more than just act as “fixer” for Donald Trump during the 2016 election. He spent several years being the fixer for the corrupt Trump Organization. After Crooked Cohen cut a plea deal and named Trump as his unindicted co-conspirator, New York state subpoenaed Cohen as part of its investigation into the criminal Trump Organization. Three people were spearheading the Trump Organization deals while their evil dad was busy shooting the Apprentice: Donald Jr, Eric, and yes, Ivanka.

It’s long been reported widely that Ivanka Trump was behind the Trump Organization’s infamous and criminal “Trump SoHo” partnership with Felix Sater, the convicted Russian mafia money launderer. By definition, Cohen’s role as a fixer was to handle the dirty stuff and to keep it all secret. What does he know regarding the Trump SoHo deal, as well as Ivanka Trump’s corrupt role in it?

New York state is about to find that out, because the probe into the amoral Trump Organization won’t stop with just one criminal hush money payment. Cohen just formally accused Trump of ordering him to commit crimes to alter the outcome of the 2016 election. He’s not stopping now. Donald Trump Jr’s one-way ticket to prison was already given to him by his own father. And now it’s time for Ivanka to worry.

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