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Giuliani Just Revealed What He’s Advised Trump NOT to Do

There’s a lot of daily haggling over Special Counsel Mueller’s interest in interviewing Donald Trump, but it’s not so important. Sometime soon, the president’s lawyers will either agree to the interview or they won’t.

However, it’s hard not to be amazed by the sort of things that Rudy Giuliani will say in public.

Giuliani told Axios that there are two topics the president’s lawyers want to rule out in order to agree to a Trump sit-down with Mueller:

1. Why Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

2. What Trump said to Comey about the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Giuliani mentioned those as if they were minor details – totally reasonable areas for Mueller to agree to avoid.

The Wall Street Journal reported two weeks ago that Giuliani wanted to exclude the topic of obstruction from the Mueller-Trump interview, but this report suggests that the former mayor is narrowing the focus of that exclusion, pointing to two areas of inquiry which he’d like to remain off-limits.

So, the special counsel is looking into possible presidential obstruction of justice, while the Trump’s lawyer’s plan requires a deal in which Mueller agrees in advance to not ask the president about the many times he obstructed justice.

Giuliani doesn’t care how guilty this makes his client look. Like a new joke says, imagine a scenario in which law police wanted to search through a suspect’s home, so the person replied, “OK, you can look around, but you need to agree in advance not to search my shed.” Of course, the first thing you think is that there’s something illegal in the shed. Rudy Giuliani’s pitch is pretty much the same concept.

Last year, a Trump attorney, Jay Sekulow, went on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” to talk about Trump’s choice to fire James Comey as director of the FBI. When asked if the president is willing to talk under oath about the firing, Sekulow replied, “Yeah, the president was very clear about that. He said if he was asked to do it he would.”

Why did Trump’s lawyers change their minds?

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