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Donald Trump Jr. Goes Off the Deep End with Conservative Host

Donald Trump Jr’s first response to being betrayed by his father was to keep retweeting random conspiracy theory BS, instead of addressing the issue. Something seemed off, and sure enough, Trump Jr called the Laura Ingraham show yesterday, and his behavior was bizarre.

Ingraham is a close ally of the Donald Trump regime, and it should have been a total softball interview for Trump Jr. At one instance in the conversation Ingraham asked him to comment on the latest revelations regarding his Trump Tower meeting. It was an opportunity for Trump Jr to spin the issue in any way he wanted without being contradicted. Instead, he suddenly acted as though he couldn’t hear Laura Ingraham, then his line went dead.

Unless you think that Trump Jr’s cellphone call somehow happened to drop right when he was being asked a question about the Trump Tower meeting, a completely unrealistic coincidence, this fool faked the whole thing. While she was asking him the question, Trump Jr said “Hello?” followed by weird static, and he was gone. He was like a character on a sitcom, pretending the phone wasn’t working to get out of a conversation.

Laura Ingraham is the friendliest interviewer Trump Jr is going to find. Why did he bother calling into her show, if he was unprepared to answer the main question that he already knew he would be asked? He did call in later and talk about the meeting, but the damage was done. It was his small chance to try to control the Trump Tower meeting narrative, but instead the story is that he freaked out and hung up the phone.

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