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Trump Has a Manafort Meltdown After This Testimony

The deputy campaign chairman for the Trump campaign, Rick Gates, went on the witness stand today and he testified that he deliberately conspired with Donald Trump’s campaign chairman to do several crimes. It was a brutal blow to Donald Trump himself. If Paul Manafort is convicted, it will strengthen Special Counsel Mueller’s campaign to take President Trump down. This was also a reminder that Rick Gates, who has made a plea deal, will also testify against Trump. Just after Rick Gates took the stand, the orange clown began short circuiting.

Donald Trump attempted to create a distraction yesterday by simply posting the very same tweet he had posted a day earlier. The tweet was a bizarre and incoherent rant claiming that the only way to end the wildfires in California would be to cut down every tree and stop the rivers from going into the Pacific Ocean. Trump did fix a typo in the process, replacing “amount” with “amounts” – but this all seemed to be about recycling material to create a distraction. Then things got weirder.

Trump then went on a deranged rant about how the Democrats are soft on crime, ironic considering that while he was typing that, the #2 guy for his campaign was actively testifying that he along with the #1 guy for his campaign were both career criminals. Who is really soft on crime here?

Donald Trump just can’t bring himself to directly say anything about Gates or Manafort, not yet at least. Instead he’s just flailing around in insane fashion, trying to distract us from the reality that his presidential campaign was actually a criminal enterprise that was run by several criminals who are turning on each other. Rick Gates’ plea deal will force him into testifying against Donald Trump as well.

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