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Federal Court Just Ruled in Robert Mueller’s Favor

Even as Special Counsel Mueller has been picking off Donald Trump’s criminal underlings to weaken him, he’s also been using the proceedings against said underlings to strengthen the legal parameters of his approaching big swing at Donald Trump himself. In fact, Robert Mueller just scored a massive legal ruling in a grand jury proceeding which will help him to take Trump down directly.

Robert Mueller’s epic grand jury pursuit of the conservative evil genius Roger Stone has been going on for months, however, there has been so much other stuff going on with Trump’s criminal scandals that it’s been less prioritized until the past couple of days. Mueller called Roger Stone’s partner in crime Andrew Miller to testify, and Andrew Miller tried to fight against it with a legal motion claiming that Mueller lacked the constitutional authority. That motion failed, and it’s backfired on everybody involved.

The federal judge didn’t simply deny Miller’s legal motion. She also wrote a long ruling which explained Robert Mueller’s legal authority in great detail. She is a Chief Judge, meaning that this sets a powerful legal precedent. As we have seen in the motions right before the start of the Manafort trial, when there is a mountain of evidence on a suspect, the only possible legal defense is to attempt to get the entire case thrown out. Manafort’s motions all got rejected, so he’ll almost certainly be convicted.

Donald Trump and his scheming lawyers are going to use the very same defense strategy once it’s finally Trump’s time to be convicted of felonies. Now they’ll be forced to argue against Mueller’s legal authority, in spite of a high ranking federal judge’s precedent spelling out Mueller’s authority with a 92 page ruling. These types of rulings might not come with the impressive fireworks of the other bombshells which keep landing, but this may ultimately help to take Trump and others down..

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