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Hope Hicks vs Melania Trump Just Got Crazy

Donald Trump’s choice to take Hope Hicks onto Air Force One yesterday went extraordinarily poorly for him – and I mean before getting to the part of the story where he was caught committing witness tampering, a felony. If Trump was attempting to keep it secret, he did such a crappy job that the whole world found out soon, and now it seems like Melania Trump is pissed.

Because Special Counsel Mueller just called Trump’s bluff about testifying about his criminal scandals, and because Hope Hicks is a major witness and co-conspirator in Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice crimes, it’s not hard to figure out why President Trump wanted to speak with Hope Hicks yesterday. Just by meeting with Hicks, Trump illegally attempted to tamper with a witness – which is the same criminal violation which got Paul Manafort sent to jail before his trial.

Media cameras instantly spotted Hope Hicks getting on Air Force One. Were Donald Trump and his cronies really hoping that no one would notice? Does no one on his team understand what witness tampering is, or even how television cameras work? Robert Mueller was undoubtedly taking notes and writing up another criminal charge. However, Trump had a more immediate concern.

Right around that time, Melania Trump released a statement defending LeBron James from the racist attacks that Trump had made on him the night prior. How often does Melania Trump put out a statement which goes against her evil husband’s actions? Almost never. So this wasn’t a coincidence. It’s clear that Melania didn’t approve of Donald Trump taking Hope Hicks with him on Air Force One, and wanted to send him a message about it.

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