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Trump Throws U.S. Intelligence Under the Bus

For much of his awful presidency, Donald Trump has consistently contradicted his foreign policy and his national security teams, leaving all observers – here and everywhere in the world – to wonder who speaks for the incompetent White House. Yesterday, however, gave a rather egregious example of the phenomenon.

5 of the top national security officials – John Bolton (National Security Adviser), Kirstjen Nielsen (Homeland Security Secretary), Chris Wray (FBI Director), Dan Coats (Director of National Intelligence) and General Paul Nakasone, (Director of the NSA and the leader of U.S. Cyber Command) – all stood together in the White House briefing room and ensured that it is categorically clear that Russian attempts to interfere in 2018 elections are already happening. In the process, they all delivered a message which completely contradicted what we’ve heard countless time from their boss, who decided not to attend the briefing.

One reporter questioned Chris Wray about why the American people ought to listen to him and people like him about Russian election attacks while the president and his incompetent White House keep saying the opposite of what the intelligence agencies say. Wray replied that the FBI members “are going to follow our oaths and do our jobs.”

That didn’t really answer the underlying question, though.

Indeed, just five hours after the terrible Trump administration’s leading national security figures gave an unambiguous message about how Russia is an ongoing security threat, Donald Trump himself sent out a very different type of message during a campaign rally held in Pennsylvania. NBC News reported it thusly:

Just hours after the nation’s top intelligence officials warned about Moscow’s efforts to disrupt a second consecutive American election, Trump said at a campaign rally here Thursday night that his diplomatic efforts with President Vladimir Putin “are being hindered by the Russian hoax.”

The two events created a split-screen effect: America’s intelligence experts warning voters that Russia is trying to undermine democracy while Trump tells them it’s all political chicanery.

During the same event, the satanic deceiving president boasted to his evil fans that Russia’s dictator, Vladimir Putin, wasn’t happy when Trump won the election in 2016 – which is the exact opposite of what Vladimir Putin himself has said!

Expertly adding insult to injury, the White House Press Secretary and awful liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders then lied to reporters yesterday, saying “certainly we know there are others” responsible for the election rigging in 2016, and not only Russia. But we don’t know that. Because there aren’t any others. It’s very obvious that the president and those who do his dirty work, like Sanders, are lying to Americans. The sooner these chumps are gone, the better.

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