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A Sure Sign that Robert Mueller has Trump Dead to Rights

Rudy Giuliani mess up Donald Trump’s legal prospects so badly, and in such a spectacularly buffoonish manner, that the most important thing that he revealed is largely being overlooked. Yes, he admitted Trump World had a meeting to plan the meeting with Russia. But what he said next reveals Robert Mueller has nailed Donald Trump.

Rudy not only felt the need to come clean about this planning meeting (before he incoherently tried taking it back hours later), but he also revealed that Rick Gates took part in this meeting. Why is this important? In February, Gates took a plea deal from Mueller. The way things like these work is Gates immediately had to spill everything that he knew about all the people involved, meaning that Gates told Mueller everything about the whole Trump Tower saga long ago.

Even while Michael Cohen vows to testify against Donald Trump for approving the meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower in advance, what or who would confirm his account has been the question. Now we know Rick Gates already has testified to Robert Mueller about this, which means Cohen’s testimony won’t need to be corroborated; Cohen is the corroboration. Two eyewitnesses who don’t have any kind of loyalty to one another both giving the same story? Any prosecutor would call it a recipe for conviction.

So it isn’t surprising to see Donald Trump’s morning tweet saying, “Collusion is not a crime.” He knows that Mueller has nailed him for it, so his only option remaining is to spin his crimes as having been legal somehow. If Trump had colluded with Russia to throw a surprise birthday bash for Hillary, they wouldn’t have committed a crime. But Trump colluded with Russia in an attempt to change the presidential election’s results, which involved multiple identifiable felonies. No matter what, “collusion” is not a proper legal term. The time has come to begin labeling this as what it is: treason.

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