Rudy Giuliani Just Accidentally Incriminated A Lot Of Key Players In Trump-Russia Scandal -
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Rudy Giuliani Just Accidentally Incriminated A Lot Of Key Players In Trump-Russia Scandal

Even as the debate rages on about whether Rudy Giuliani is actively sabotaging Donald Trump due to inept senility or due to some intentional strategy, there is no debate about the massive damage that Giuliani is currently doing to Trump’s already terrible legal prospects. Rudy has made every possible mistake you can make to hurt a client, from the basic to the cartoonish. His latest move hasn’t only incriminated Trump, but every one of the main players in the racist Trump campaign.

Over the past weekend we found out that Michael Cohen is ready to testify that he witnessed Trump approving, in advance, Donald Trump Jr’s illegal meeting with Russian agents at Trump Tower. In response, Rudy Giuliani appeared on the news this morning and said that the Trump campaign had held a planning meeting about the Trump Tower meeting. This means that everyone in that meeting could get a prison sentence.

Rudy spent the rest of the day trying to take it back, first by lying that Trump wasn’t actually in the preparation meeting himself, and then by lying that the planning meeting excluded any discussion about the explosive blackmail material that Russia was offering. But it’s much too late, the damage is done. The public knows that the evil leaders of the godless Trump campaign plotted how to illegally conspire with the Russians. Now they’re all on the hook for a conspiracy to commit the crimes which Donald Trump Jr committed during the un-American treason meeting.

To be clear, Mueller has long known about all of this. Giuliani also revealed that Rick Gates – who’s cut a plea deal – was there as well. But when he publicly incriminated everyone, Rudy (wittingly or unwittingly) made it much easier for Robert Mueller to sell the American people on Donald Trump’s guilt.

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