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Trump Just Served Up Some Really Fake News About Women

Donald Trump lied that he got more female votes than Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

While bragging about the economic growth which has taken place during his presidency, the president lied to the steelworkers in Granite City, Illinois, that he supposedly “got more than she did” in terms of the number of votes he got from female voters.

“But I did win that women’s vote, didn’t I?” Donald Trump lied. “Remember, they said, ‘Why would women vote for Trump?’ Well, I don’t know but I got more than she did. That’s pretty good.”

Trump only received 41% of the female vote during the 2016 election. He did get a majority, 52%, among white women, as he is greatly favored by white supremacists and racist. His numbers were far lower among women of color, however.

The president also talked about low unemployment numbers for African Americans, Hispanics and Asians, saying that they’ve all hit record lows, but in reality it was no thanks to him and his racist policies. He then stated that unemployment for women has not dipped to a record low — noting it’s only hit the lowest in 65 years.

“I’m sorry, women, to disappoint you. This is tough,” Donald Trump arrogantly joked.

Trump has lied that he won 52% of the women’s vote before, likely because in his racist mind, only whites count. He told the lie at an event held in Montana back in March.

Polling shows that Trump performs better with men.

The Washington Post-Schar School Poll published earlier this month showed that 32% of women like Trump’s job performance, and 65% said they disapprove. 54% of men said they liked his performance, while 45% disapproved.

The president sexually harassed and/or assaulted countless women throughout his life, and bragged about it. Multiple women report that Donald Trump groped them, forcefully kissed them or made extremely inappropriate comments toward them going back decades.

Trump also got backlash before the 2016 election date once an “Access Hollywood” tape got released where he described groping women’s vaginas without consent, an act traditionally referred to as “rape”. If the president truly did those things, and he himself said that he did, that would mean that President Donald Trump is a rapist.


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