GOP Visit To Moscow Yields Some Insane Suggestions Putin Will Love -
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GOP Visit To Moscow Yields Some Insane Suggestions Putin Will Love

Last week, eight Republican Congress members – seven senators as well as a House member – took a totally partisan trip to Russia, spending Independence Day in Moscow. With the chance to confront Putin’s corrupt government on many important issues, including its war on U.S. elections, these Republican lawmakers instead used a “conciliatory tone” toward their election-rigging hosts.

Once the Republicans left the country, Russian state television made fun of the U.S. congressional visitors “for appearing to put a weak foot forward.”

And now, one of those Republican congressmen is questioning the usefulness of existing U.S. sanctions on Russia. The Washington Examiner  interviewed Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who is the chairman for the Senate Homeland Security Committee, and also leads a Senate Foreign Relations group.

President Trump and U.S. lawmakers should consider revising sanctions targeting Russia so they focus more on Russian oligarchs, a senior Republican lawmaker suggested after participating in a congressional delegation visit to Moscow.

“You do something and nobody ever sits back and analyzes, ‘Well, is it working?’” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., told the Washington Examiner. “And I think you’d be hard-pressed to say that sanctions against Russia are really working all that well.”

Johnson suggested another approach, where U.S. sanctions target Russian oligarchs and the members of Putin’s inner circle, which has already been done. (Shouldn’t a senator know about things like that?)

Within the same terrible Examiner interview, the apparently traitorous senator said that foreign interference against American elections “is not the greatest threat to our democracy” and that is has gotten blown “way out of proportion.” What an idiot. Remember that on this trip, one of the top GOP senators in the delegation denied that Russia is an adversary, even though they just launched an attack on the U.S. two years ago.

Stupid Ron Johnson then said, “When ruthless, strong people perceive weakness, they pounce. Russia wants to reconstitute, basically, its sphere of influence that they had in the Soviet Union. So, you understand that, and if you don’t want to let that happen, you’ve got to push back with strength and resolve … but that doesn’t mean that we have to be enemies.”

The truth is that Russia is an enemy of America. And if these Republicans want to be friends with America’s enemy, then they need to get out of office and find another way to make a living, because they are not fit to lead.

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