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This Democrat Congressman and Top Lawyer Now Have a Secret Plan Against Trump

Lawyer Michael Avenatti has been prominent for a long time in the legal world. Recently, his political prominence has risen after representing Stormy Daniels, the former mistress of President Donald Trump and his more recent representation of migrant families torn apart by Trump’s regime. It turns out now that Avenatti is working with Ted Lieu, a popular Democratic Congressman.

Ted Lieu, a veteran of the Air Force and ex-JAG prosecutor, now represents a Los Angeles district in the U.S. Congress. He’s also never hesitated to call Donald Trump out since the beginning, which has gotten him a substantial social media following. It makes sense for Lieu and Avenatti to team up, considering both of their strong legal experiences and strong feelings involving Trump. So what are their plans?

Recently on Twitter, Michael Avenatti posted: “Met with Ted Lieu today. He gets it and we are lucky to have him as a leader in the House. Smart, no BS, and not afraid to mix it up. My kind of guy.” He ended with his signature catch phrase, “basta.” Then Lieu tweeted this in response: “Thank you Michael. Great meeting you as well. Thanks for fighting the good fight. Also, I’m including Basta even though I don’t know what it means, but it sounds cool.”

Well what are Avenatti and Lieu up to? No matter what it is, they obviously aren’t concerned with hiding their meeting, although both are disclosing nothing about their meeting’s contents. Are they trying to expose the financial crimes Donald Trump committed in paying Daniels off? Do they want to reunite the migrant families Trump has attempted to destroy? Or is it something entirely different? No matter what, Avenatti and Lieu are onto something.

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