Trump and the RNC Facing New Sex Scandal -
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Trump and the RNC Facing New Sex Scandal

It recently came out that Michael Cohen’s other client, ex-RNC official Elliott Broidy, stopped paying his former mistress, ex-Playboy model, Shera Bechard. Elliott Broidy claimed that Bechard had broken their nondisclosure agreement. This sex scandal is especially dicey for the socially regressive GOP, because Broidy paid for her to get an abortion. Everything hit the fan today, and now it’s blowing up in Trump’s ugly face.

Bechard filed suit today against Elliott Broidy. She is also suing her former attorney Keith Davidson, who once represented Stormy Daniels, who is now suing Davidson for secretly conspiring with Cohen. Shera Bechard has also targeted Daniels’ current attorney Michael Avenatti with the suit, because Davidson improperly shared private information with him, although for the now the official filing is sealed.

This lawsuit’s discovery phase will quickly shine a light on the many laws that Michael Cohen has surely broken in assisting with the payments which Elliott Broidy was giving to Shera Bechar. This could expose Cohen to more criminal liability, which might force him to formalize that all-important plea deal against Trump which he keeps hinting that he’s ready to do. And this suit could quickly force Elliott Broidy to make a plea deal, and that’s bad news for Trump since Broidy could provide key evidence regarding the payoff scandal involving Trump’s corrupt White House and the UAE, or United Arab Emirates.

However, the real trouble for Trump is that this lawsuit is will surely expose the role Trump played during the Cohen-Broidy-Bechard abortion fiasco. Was it Donald Trump who told Elliott Broidy to use Michael Cohen to arrange the silence agreement? Was Trump aware that he was helping along a scheme designed to cover up an abortion paid for a prominent Republican? Some observers have theorized, based on circumstantial evidence, that maybe Broidy was simply helping Trump, and this was really Trump’s affair the whole time. We will find out soon.

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