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Here’s the Brilliant Back-Door Plan to Put Trump on Trial

During the last month, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has made many moves which increasingly implied he was going to use the Paul Manafort trial this month to try Donald Trump by proxy in the public opinion court. A court filing from Mueller and his team now shows they plan on using Manafort’s trial to demonstrate how Trump is indeed selling his administration to the highest bidder.

Robert Mueller has charged Paul Manafort with a list of financial crimes too long to recite here. One charge involves a bank which is relatively small having given Manafort enormous, inappropriate loans during Trump’s campaign. If at first this charge appeared to be garden variety bank fraud, it’s really something else entirely. A recent report from CNN says Mueller wants to prove to the court that the executive of the bank wanted to work at Trump’s White House in exchange for giving Manafort the loans. So why is this big news?

According to the filings from Mueller, the bank executive received a campaign adviser position from Trump for the loans. This means that Trump must have met the adviser, aware of his bank executive status, and understood the situation entirely. Mueller doesn’t need to prove that in this trial because Trump technically isn’t being tried here; Manafort is. Mueller just needs to show the public that President Trump clearly knew that Manafort was selling campaign jobs for big personal loans.

 And this is only one of the countless criminal charges against Paul Manafort. Considering how this specific charge has ended up as a proverbial blunt object Mueller hit Donald Trump with, it’s possible that many or most Manafort’s charges have been constructed for custom use against the President. Mueller has never failed to have a plan, but he has kept it hidden. We are now beginning to see it play out.

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