Trump’s White House Guests Just Massively Embarrassed Themselves -
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Trump’s White House Guests Just Massively Embarrassed Themselves

Donald Trump has found yet another way to push America to a deeper low. He treasonously worked with Russia to rig the 2016 election. He’s constantly tried to obstruct justice while the resulting criminal probe closes in around him. He has been using the presidency to steer cash into his own greedy hands. He has several thousand immigrant children locked in cages inside his evil concentration camps. Now, to add insult to the many injuries he’s done to our nation, he’s ruined Independence Day.

Trump invited several unidentified guests to the southern White House lawn for some Fourth of July celebrations. How did these idiotic guests behave themselves? A press report from the White House pool shows that Trump’s guests started shouting “fake news” at the reporters, as they laughed at them. We’ve reached a new low as a nation.

This comes mere days after an alt-right Trump supporter murdered several newspaper reporters with gunfire in Annapolis, Maryland. Trump’s calls for extreme violence and his continuing scapegoating of reporters are to blame for creating to the environment which led to the mass shooting. But instead of behaving themselves, Trump’s low-brow personal guests spent this Independence Day near the White House, heckling honest reporters right to their faces.

And yesterday, Donald Trump launched an evil and vicious attack via Twitter against the highly-respected Washington Post with no valid reason, wildly calling the newspaper a “disgrace to journalism.” Of course, he first called the Post a “discgrace to journalism,” which isn’t a thing. Now Trump has his stupid goons on the White House lawn, ignorantly harassing journalists, who are our greatest protectors of democracy.

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