Sarah Huckabee Sanders Faces Major Confrontation At White House Press Conference -
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Faces Major Confrontation At White House Press Conference

Two weeks following major media reports that Sanders was about to resign, and following a significant reduction in her online presence as well as in the briefing room, somehow Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary and Trump’s official lie-teller, is still technically working. Today she hosted an increasingly rare press meeting, and right now she’s likely wishing that she hadn’t.

Briefing room reporters are sick of an increasingly corrupt administration, and more frustrated about the increasing absence of briefings, so they have become far more bold and aggressive of late. The Politico reporter Matthew Nussbaum mentioned Donald Trump’s recent tweets where he encouraged the House Republicans to all vote for a specific immigration bill, then he claimed that he hadn’t. Then Nussbaum asked the type of question which the mainstream media ought to have been asking about all along: “Why would the president lie about something like that?”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared hilariously bewildered, and then ultimately replied with a hesitant and emotion-free “He didn’t.” Sanders then unconvincingly told some lies of her own, and blamed it all on the Senate Democrats. However, many House Republicans actually voted against both Republican-sponsored immigration bills, meaning that the failure was unrelated to the Democrats or even the Senate.

Nobody knows how long Sarah Huckabee Sanders will hang onto her job, but it’s obvious that she checked out mentally a long time ago. On the weekend Trump quietly hired Bill Shine, an ex-Fox News executive, to be Huckabee Sanders’ new supervisor, filling the position of White House Communications Director, which had been vacant for several months. Back when Donald Trump hired Anthony Scaramucci to be his Communications Director, Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s resignation followed almost immediately.

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