Mueller Suspicious of Kennedy Resignation. -
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Mueller Suspicious of Kennedy Resignation.

Recently, all of the confirmed puzzle pieces involving Trump, Russia, Deutsche Bank, and Anthony Kennedy, the justice retiring from the Supreme Court, came together. Although the mound of circumstantial evidence does not prove anything, these type of circumstances warrant criminal investigation.

According to the pattern Robert Mueller has played out through the last year, it’s pretty clear that there are two possible scenarios. Either Mueller, along with his team, started looking into the Trump-Kennedy-Russia connection last week right when it started making newspaper headlines, or they were already aware of it, and their probe into it is already well underway. Why is this so certain?

Whenever the media reveals something new about the Trump-Russia controversy, it typically turns out Mueller was aware of it before the media was. Even in the cases in which Mueller doesn’t know something first, it’s been clear that he’s not leaving any stone unturned. The Seychelles Trump-Russia meeting? Check. The contacts between Roger Stone and WikiLeaks? Check. Each credibly reported piece of the scandal, small or large, no matter who it involves, eventually ends up on Mueller’s radar.

We’re dealing with a situation in which the son of a Supreme Court Justice used his big bank position to give Donald Trump absurdly inappropriate loans, all while that bank was laundering billions of dollars worth of Russian currency into clients in Trump’s home city, even while Russia was trying to get Trump the presidency, and now that Kennedy is resigning at the perfect time to help Trump. Robert Mueller must be investigating something so obvious and ominous – and if the issue truly is criminal, he’ll look into it and expose it.

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