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Panic Mode: Trump Slips Up Regarding Hope Hicks

Out of all the various scandalous and controversial resignations from the unstable staff of President Donald Trump’s White House staff, Hope Hicks’s was one of the most shocking and dramatic. However, it wasn’t surprising in the slightest, and it was not hard, considering the timing, to find out what pushed Hicks over the edge. Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in, Donald Trump is making a bizarre move in a panic involving Hicks.

Earlier this year, Hope Hicks, the closest adviser to Donald Trump testified in front of the Trump-aligned House Intel Committee regarding her part in covering up the Trump-Russia scandal, as reports ran that said Mark Corallo, Trump’s ex-legal adviser, had sold her out for obstruction of justice to Mueller. It was clear that Trump was using allies of his on the committee in an attempt to figure out if Hicks was taking a plea deal. One day after she testified, Hicks suddenly announced that she was resigning from her White House position.

She was obviously attempting to separate herself from the scandal; whether she accepted a plea deal during the process or not was the only mystery. It’s still unknown whether she flipped on Trump or just flipped out. However, now that Trump is reconstructing his senior White House staff yet again, with widespread reports that John Kelly, Chief of Staff, will be one of the ones kicked out, Trump is suddenly talking openly about bringing Hicks back to serve as his new Chief of Staff. Yes, really.

This began as simple media buzz. However, when a reporter questioned Donald Trump about whether he’s really trying to bring back Hicks, he responded: “I love Hope. She’s great. I hope that — I’ve been hearing little things like that.” No one knows what he meant, but he didn’t say “no.” Obviously, Trump worries that Hicks is about to betray him, and he’s attempting to bribe with a job that is higher ranking than her previous one.

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