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Mueller Just Racked Up Some Really Big Wins Against Trump

The Special Counsel Robert Mueller has put together an impressive string of big wins, in court and elsewhere, throughout the last month while he gets ready to drop the big bombs in Donald Trump’s treasonous Russia scandal. But since a Supreme Court seat has come into play, some observers – including some strong voices for the Resistance against Donald Trump – are wondering if it still even matters. The truth is that it does matter more than ever.

Mueller keeps winning. After he got a federal judge to put Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, in jail for the rest of his trial, Mueller then got the judge to turn down Manafort’s ridiculous motions for dismissing all of the charges and even dismissing the most important evidence. This means Robert Mueller is sure to win if this case goes to trial, and Paul Manafort is trapped in a cage unless decides to make a plea deal against President Trump. But all this is just the beginning.

Yesterday Special Counsel Mueller and Michael Flynn jointly filed a request to delay Michael Flynn’s sentencing for two months. This indicates that Flynn is still cooperating with Robert Mueller, and most importantly, that Mr. Mueller is still finding Michael Flynn to be useful in his case against Trump. Mueller has hauled in so many of Roger Stone’s evil allies to testify against him in front of a grand jury that his indictment is guaranteed – meaning that Roger Stone’s arrest is coming soon. And now, Michael Cohen is going to make a plea deal for the SNDY, and that will benefit Mueller’s case against Donald Trump greatly.

President Donald Trump has never possessed a magic wand for preventing Robert Mueller from setting up his demise. Trump can’t fire Mueller or try to pardon everybody involved, and he knows it, or else he’d have tried to do it by now. And even if the worst president ever does manage to place an ally of conservative causes on the Supreme Court, even though it’ll devastatingly move the ideological alignment towards his favor, it still wouldn’t give him the 5-4 majority on important procedural matters like whether he’s able to pardon himself.

Robert Mueller would not have left retirement to take this important job unless he knew he could make Trump answer for his heinous crimes. With more at stake than ever, Robert Mueller’s investigation – and all the wins he keeps getting – are more crucial than ever.

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