Trump's Major Fail- North Korea Deal Just Proved A Sham -
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Trump’s Major Fail- North Korea Deal Just Proved A Sham

With all that has happened with President Trump’s many worsening scandals, it’s hard to believe that the North Korea summit disaster was only weeks ago. Trump left that summit with a joke of a “deal” where Kim Jong Un made no binding concessions, even as Donald Trump falsely characterized his failure as a victory. It’s only taken less than three weeks for the deal to go up in smoke.

Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he’d gotten Kim Jong Un to promise denuclearization, but their nine paragraph deal absolutely did not require Kim to destroy his nuclear program, and it gave no method for the U.S. to inspect the nuclear program. In reality, Kim Jong Un only wanted to make a “deal” with Donald Trump after his main nuclear missile testing site fell apart. Clearly, Kim was just using the summit with the worst president ever to buy time while he rebuilt his nuclear program.

The U.S. intelligence community now knows that North Korea is rebuilding the nuclear program at several secret sites,says a new report by NBC News. Moreover, this has been going on for several months, meaning that Kim Jong Un was strengthening his nuclear program even while Trump was lying that Kim had given up the nuclear program.

Of course, Deceitful Trump has falsely attacked our U.S. intelligence community endlessly since taking office, so he’s likely to just dismiss this very important report as well – especially since it exposes the North Korea summit for the idiotic sham that it was. Donald Trump was too desperate for a win, even a fake one. But now that the media knows about Kim Jong Un’s bold nuclear buildup, what will Donald Trump do? Kim brilliantly tricked the worst president ever, and now everybody knows about it.

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