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Rudy Giuliani Has Gone Strangely Silent…Now We Know Why

Following Rudy Giuliani’s announcement that he was informally joining the criminal defense team of President Donald Trump, Giuliani spent almost every day recklessly running his mouth in an often self-defeating manner. Rudy continued to confess to Trump’s crimes and to give away Team Trump’s motivations, then to take everything back – just to go out and begin running his mouth again right away. Recently, however, Giuliani became eerily silent, and we know why.

Everything started when the Justice Department’s Inspector General published a comprehensive report about the FBI’s probe into the Hillary Clinton email scandal. The report didn’t spare anyone. It called out James Comey, Director of the FBI, for organizing a witch hunt against Clinton. The report slammed other agents of the FBI for their variety of inappropriate political stances. Interestingly, the report omitted Rudy Giuliani’s confession right before the election that sources from the FBI had warned him about a bombshell which was going to surface soon.

When the Inspector General of the Justice Department was then questioned about this incident being left out, he said it was because of an ongoing investigation. Later, Giuliani admitted that the DOJ had in fact interviewed him about this right before he joined Team Trump. This means he really did join Trump’s team hoping to of derail the overall probe into Trump-Russia before it could come around and affect him. After learning recently that he’s still being criminally investigated, he went silent all of the sudden.

Attempting to sabotage a criminal investigation out of fear that it will eventually target you is one thing. But if you find out the probe is in fact going after you, and you keep trying to sabotage it, then you committed the definition of obstruction of justice. So he’s become silent accordingly now. The question is if he’s become silent just to avoid being charged with obstruction, or because he’s thinking about taking a plea deal. Stay tuned.

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