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Paul Manafort Can’t Handle What Just Happened to Him in Court

In the two weeks after Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, was sent away to jail, he’s lost the two key courts rulings which he and his team of attorneys had been counting on. The first was the failed and ignorant motion to get the charges thrown out of court, under the ridiculous premise that Mueller didn’t have the power to charge him. The second one was an unsuccessful motion to have the crucial evidence thrown out, under the false premise that it was collected improperly. Having totally struck out, Manafort is reduced to throwing objects at the wall in rage and frustration.

The way things are, Paul Manafort cannot win during trial. There’s a massive mountain of evidence stacked against him, and not one reliable legal expert thinks he can win. Now that the case’s judge has made it very clear that the trial is going to happen, and that the key evidence will be used, he’s basically doomed. Accordingly, his most recent moves are equal parts ridiculous and desperate.

For instance, Paul Manafort has filed a laughable motion asking the judge to just let him get out of jail, without reason, just two weeks following him being sent to jail for the entire trial for attempted witness tampering. This will be thrown out. Paul Manafort then lied that prosecutors had leaked the evidence against him directly to the Associated Press; but the real story was that the Associated Press actually uncovered the evidence and they were the ones to turn it over to the prosecutors.

Paul Manafort and his powerless legal team are up shit creek without a paddle, yet his lawyers continue to be paid to do something, anything, therefore Manafort and his team will keep trying any ridiculous thing they can in the hopes of getting lucky. But all these efforts will obviously be rejected. Unless Paul Manafort makes a plea deal, he’s going on trial next month, and he will stay in jail throughout the entire trial, and then he’ll certainly be found guilty. And best of all, Mueller will use the Paul Manafort trial to prove that Donald Trump is guilty to the American public.

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