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Some Un-Answered Questions About Anthony Kennedy’s Resignation

Although I appreciate political analysis based on evidence, I have never been a fan of pointless speculation with no basis, and I can’t stand empty conspiracy theories which are contradicted by the facts. When Antonin Scalia, Justice of the Supreme Court – an obese old man whose doctor had declared him recently to have poor health – died, some conservatives considered conspiracy theories involving his passing that were completely insane.

Considering the recent shocking resignation of Justice Anthony Kennedy, empty conspiracy theories explaining what may have taken place don’t interest me. But I do feel the need to expose the things that simply don’t make sense. It was odd enough when Kennedy diverged from his own track record concerning these issues and voted Trump’s Muslim ban constitutional. In his decision, he even explained he morally opposed it, like he were saying he was sorry for casting what he knew to be a wrong vote.

Anthony Kennedy got appointed by a president who was Republican, Ronald Reagan, but he has always been a moderate judge, which is why Kennedy was usually the swing vote on the 5-4 decisions. His opinions were always lacking and he didn’t deeply understand the law or even the Constitution. But what he always lacked in intelligence, he’s made up for with his big heart. If you’ve read his inspiring opinion on the historic gay marriage ruling, you know exactly what I mean. The idea that Kennedy would vote to support the Muslim ban was totally out of character for a once decent man.

Just when Justice Kennedy was turning into a force for evil, suddenly he announced that he is retiring. So for twenty-four hours, Anthony Kennedy has cast a terrible vote he to hand the racist sociopath Donald Trump a huge policy victory, and he’s chosen to let Donald Trump pick his conservative successor. I have no idea why the hell this is all happening, but this sure is suspicious. Kennedy owes Americans an explanation, and if he can’t do that, there ought to be a thorough investigation to look for foul play.

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