Marco Rubio Spills the Beans About GOP Sinking to New Low with Trump -
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Marco Rubio Spills the Beans About GOP Sinking to New Low with Trump

In the months prior to the rigged presidential election in 2016, no Republican was as dedicated in their admirable criticisms of racist demagogue Donald Trump as the Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, who was once the future president’s primary rival. The Florida Republican had called Trump a “con man,” and a “lunatic,” and of course, a dangerous “liar” who should never be trusted with the country’s nuclear arsenal.

Of course, Marco later endorsed Trump’s candidacy anyway, like a coward and a fool.

After the historically terrible president’s inauguration, Marco Rubio started voting exactly according to the White House’s destructive agenda, and his important criticisms of Trump disappeared. Yesterday morning, during a surprisingly candid tweet, Rubio explained exactly why the evil Republicans keep quiet as best they can about anything involving the worst president ever, even when they know that he’s wrong and is hurting people.

“Many Republicans won’t criticize Trump even when they don’t agree with him b/c it means siding with a media that nevers [sic] cuts him a break, turns even little things he does into an act of evil, are also unfair to them & in the end will still attack you anyway”

Marco Rubio’s tweet linked people to an Axios story on a poll which found 92% delusional Republicans as well as misled Republican-leaning independents think that major American news organizations will “knowingly report false or misleading stories at least sometimes.”

Chris Hayes of MSNBC, commenting on Marco Rubio’s tweet, replied, “This is as perfect an explanation of the entire GOP and the mechanics of its coalition as you’ll find.”

That’s obviously true. The senator was explaining a political paradigm in which all the Republicans belong to one evil-minded team, and then the heroic and truth-telling independent news organizations are on another team. Rubio, being the fool he is, views the president as being a teammate.

So, Rubio believes, like the enabler of evil he is, there’s a valid expectation that Republicans overlook Trump’s most despicable and destructive qualities – the corruption, the horrendous racism, the incompetence, his endless dishonesty, the absence of regard for American traditions and laws (Donald Trump is a criminal) – because to acknowledge all of those objectively awful characteristics would be to be on the “side” of the rival team.

What is important to Republicans in this dynamic is never principle or propriety, but instead, the team’s white supremacist and corporate puppet interests – and GOP lawmakers who find themselves supporting the evidence-based findings of professional American reporters and journalists run the risk of assisting the wrong team.

That’s not how public service should work in our system, but like the villain’s assistant Rubio can attest, this is the new low Republicans have reached.

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