Mueller Just Acquired a New Cooperating Witness Against Trump! -
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Mueller Just Acquired a New Cooperating Witness Against Trump!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller possesses the cellphones and the computer of traitor Erik Prince, who attempted to set up a secret channel between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. How exactly did Robert Mueller get those devices? It turns out Erik Prince gave them up voluntarily, to avoid being criminally charged. Which means he’s a cooperating witness. That’s awkward, since Erik Prince is Betsy DeVos’s brother.

Erik Prince told the media last week about his cooperation with Robert Mueller’s probe. Now Mueller possesses Prince’s personal electronic devices, ABC News reported. We are aware that Erik Prince, a main figure in the treasonous Trump-Russia secret back-channel scandal which led to the infamous meeting that took place in the Seychelles, is in Mueller’s pocket.

What isn’t yet known is how much Erik Prince is cooperating. Sometimes targets of an investigation turn over a few of their devices – but only the ones without anything illegal or suspicious on them – to convince investigators of their. Of course this strategy almost never works, since the turned-over devices make it easier for the cyber investigators to locate what’s been withheld. Prince doesn’t appear to be stupid, so we’d guess his choice to cooperate is legit. There’s a big reason why he would cooperate.

Erik Prince’s sketchy Seychelles meeting with Russian agents was set up by international political agent George Nader, who got partial immunity from Mueller earlier in 2018. If George Nader has given up Erik Prince, it means that Prince’s only hope is to give up President Donald Trump. We’re in a remarkable situation now where a Trump cabinet member’s brother has become a cooperating witness against him.

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