Stormy Daniels Just Met With the Feds, and Things Are Getting Very Strange -
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Stormy Daniels Just Met With the Feds, and Things Are Getting Very Strange

Stormy Daniels is set to meet up with federal prosecutors today to discuss their criminal case against corrupt attorney Michael Cohen. Daniels can give the Feds a lot of information about some of Cohen’s criminal activities. However, tonight something happened weird happened. In fact it’s so weird that Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti is completely blown away.

Here’s what Michael Avenatti tweeted late yesterday night: “So I was just informed by the US Attys office that they are canceling the mtg tmrw scheduled with me and my client (for weeks) because the press found out about the mtg and they can’t handle a few cameras outside their offices. If they consider this a big deal, how will they ever bring any serious criminal charges against Cohen et al., let alone handle a trial, in such a high profile matter? We have bent over backwards to accommodate them. This is unheard of. We remain willing to cooperate but something isn’t right.”

This is odd because the U.S. Attorney’s office of New York’s Southern District knew what it was getting into, meaning the media attention and heavy controversy, when it chose to accept a criminal case with a famous porn star as well as the “fixer” for our (also under intense criminal investigation) evil stupid president. This doesn’t make sense. We’re left to think there might be another explanation, and it’s one that the Feds could be keeping secret from Avenatti.

The prosecution of Crooked Cohen is all about forcing him to flip on Donald Trump. In the past ten days, three separate major news outlets have announced that Cohen will cut a deal. Is Cohen is cutting that deal now, and is that the reason the FBI wants to avoid a massive media circus involving Stormy Daniels outside their offices tomorrow? no matter what, something is clearly up here.

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