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Stormy Daniels About To Unload Juicy Secrets to Prosecuters

According to The Washington Post, Stormy Daniels, adult-film star, will soon sit down with prosecutors to discuss how Michael Cohen paid her 130,000 dollars to keep quiet about her affair with President Donald Trump.

A source told the Post that the prosecutors of New York’s South District were interviewing Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, to prepare for Cohen’s possible grand jury appearance.

The source added that Daniels and Michael Avenatti, her attorney, have been cooperative with prosecutors and delivered documents linked to the bribe, which Cohen made during the run-up to 2016’s presidential campaign.

In March, Cohen claimed during an interview that the payment had nothing to do with the campaign.

They reportedly documents handed over the documents after being subpoenaed.

Now Cohen is being investigated in New York for several financial crimes.

In April, The FBI raided Cohen’s home, hotel room, and office for the investigation.

Some things they took during the raid were allegedly related to Cohen and Daniels’ monetary exchange.

Trump has admitted to reimbursing his longtime lawyer, Cohen, for the payment, which Daniels received right before the election of 2016. However, Trump has denied having the affair with Daniels.

In the case, Cohen has denied wrongdoing and hasn’t been criminally charged.

Daniels has filed defamation lawsuits against Cohen and Trump.

She sued Trump for the agreement, calling it void because he didn’t sign it. Later, she amended the suit to take care of the charges of defamation against Cohen.

In April, Cohen invoked his rights of the Fifth Amendment during the suit, claiming he could not defend himself effectively because it may incriminate him during the federal case.

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